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Advice from a VP of SPS Commerce, Inc.

As seniors enter the final stretch of their undergrad career, the all important question “What are your plans for after graduation?” seems bigger than ever. Over the last three and a half years, we have been given hundreds of pieces of advice from our professors, parents, siblings, and coworkers as to what we as recent […]

Interview Dos and Don’ts

Now that Spring Term is here and you are looking forward to summer, it is the time to look for a job or internship. It may not be what you want to do, but you know you should do it. Whether you’re looking for a summer job, an internship, or a job for after graduation, starting your search […]

Salary Guide

If you are planning for a career in accounting or finance, and you have never heard of Robert Half, you might want to do a quick Google search. For decades, companies have been turning to Robert Half’s Salary Guide to make sure they are offering the most competitive salaries for the best talent. The Salary […]

How to talk with Employers at Fairs

With so many opportunities during the year to meet with employers it is sometimes hard to know where to start.  Below are some ideas of what things to talk to employers about – even if you are not sure you are interested in applying for their positions.   Every time you talk to employers you […]

Picking Between Two Offers

There are many difficult steps when looking for a job or internship: creating your résumé, reaching out to employers, making it through the interview process. But now that you’ve done all that work, there still might be one last obstacle to jump. If you are lucky enough to get more than one offer, you are […]

Looking for a job out of state?

You fill in the blanks with the city/state you would like to work in!If I were looking for a job in ____ I would:1. look at www.indeed.com2. look at www.simplyhired.com – you can log into Facebook from there and it will search the employers of your Facebook friends for job openings3. look at job postings on www.linkedin.com4. look at […]

Top 5: Stress Reducers

Job and internship searching can be stressful!  Here are the top 5 stress reducers.  Get Moving: Any kind of physical activity relieves stress.  Walking, gardening, house cleaning, biking, and other everyday activities release feel-good endorphins and help you refocus your mind. Focus on the Moment: Even a few five-minute meditation sessions during a hectic day […]

H-1B Visa

By E.W. Finding a job is a difficult process for everybody. For international students wishing to work in the United States, however, there is the added pressure of finding an employer who will sponsor his or her international employees for H-1B visa to will enable them to stay longer in the country. Myvisajobs.com is aiming […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 21

Fair Goers: 2:30 today in Center for Servant Leadership – I will be going over the Fair Employer List. After today I am pretty much done being able to help you with resumes…..so get them to me if you need help!  Talking to Employers: It is always good to thank employers for being at the […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 20

Fair Goers: Thank you the 52 of you who were at the Prep Party!  And the 16 at the Target info session! This a.m. we were still ahead of St. Thomas on resumes posted, sadly this afternoon they went to 150 resumes and we are at 143…..but we have never stayed ahead this long before! […]