Top 5: Stress Reducers Posted on March 10th, 2014 by

    Job and internship searching can be stressful!  Here are the top 5 stress reducers. 

    1. Get Moving: Any kind of physical activity relieves stress.  Walking, gardening, house cleaning, biking, and other everyday activities release feel-good endorphins and help you refocus your mind.
    2. Focus on the Moment: Even a few five-minute meditation sessions during a hectic day can make a difference.  Close your eyes, think about your inhales and exhales, and focus on releasing stress.
    3. Let it out: When you feel stressed, find a way to express it, whether through writing in a journal or sharing your pent-up thoughts and feelings with a trusted friend.  Social interactions also helps by providing support and a distraction. 
    4. Catch some ZZZ’s: Sleep gives your body and mind a chance to recharge.  When you’re stressed, make an extra effort to get the sleep you need – that’s seven to eight hours of sleep a night for adults. 
    5. Lose Yourself in Music: Playing an instrument or listening to music helps manage stress by reducing muscle tension and stress hormones, and providing a mental distraction.

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