MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 21

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Fair Goers:
  1. 2:30 today in Center for Servant Leadership – I will be going over the Fair Employer List.
  2. After today I am pretty much done being able to help you with resumes… get them to me if you need help! 
  3. Talking to Employers: It is always good to thank employers for being at the fair and giving you opportunity to learn about them.
  4. Know Yourself: It is always good if you can tell employers the skill sets you have to offer positions.
  5. What to Bring: At least 25 copies of your resume on resume paper (available at BookMark).  You do NOT need cover letters at the fair.  Bring 2 copies of your unofficial academic transcript (off WebAdviser).  If you have a page with your references, bring 2 or 3 copies.  Bring a portfolio to carry your resumes with a note pad to list the employers you want to see and what you are interested in for each. Copy the page in the Registration Booklet to schedule interviews and panel sessions you will attend.
  6. Take 23 minutes to watch this TED Talk on how you can make yourself more successful at the fair – with just a 2 minute preparation atha ANYONE can do!
  7. This weekend LOOK AT THE EMPLOYER LIST!  IF you do not do this the fair will be VERY challenging for you!
  8. When you get to the fair, find the Gustavus registration table.  We will have your name tag (it goes on your right SHOLDER.)  And, we will have a map of the booth area.  There is a candidate lounge area with a coat check. 
  9. Before the fair and Kathi Tunheim will be available to answer questions.  Throughout the fair you can return to the Gustavus registration table for questions.
  10. You MUST weary your name tag at all times or you will be asked to leave the fair area.
  11. Employers are everywhere!  Behave professionally from the minute you step out of your car.
  12. Before you leave the fair, stop at the Gustavus registration table to leave your next steps form and return your name tag IF you are not attending on Thursday.  If you attend on Thursday, you MUST wear your name tag!

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