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As seniors enter the final stretch of their undergrad career, the all important question “What are your plans for after graduation?” seems bigger than ever. Over the last three and a half years, we have been given hundreds of pieces of advice from our professors, parents, siblings, and coworkers as to what we as recent grads should do after we take off the cap and gown. And while more advice might be the last thing we need to hear, Vice President of North America Sales and Executive Director, Asia Pacific of SPS Commerce, Inc Charley Hackerson offers three concise pieces of advice to help us “find a positive, motivating career that lines up with [our] passions and needs.”

  1. “Pick for YOU, not THEM”: To follow this step, you are really going to have to know yourself. What are your interests? Passions? Likes? Dislikes? Once you have a good grasp on what will make you happy, see how these lists match up with companies. If you enjoy nature and writing, interviewing for a job where you will sit at a desk all day punching numbers is probably a waste of time for you and the potential employer.
  2. “Learn how to learn”: Hopefully that diploma we’re about to receive symbolizes our willingness and desire to learn, not just in a classroom but also in everyday life. Hackerson notes, “Real learning requires a lot more reflection and foundational investment than most new graduates are prepared to do.” He suggests that you pick a company where everyone, even those at the top, are willing to teach and assist you.
  3. “Look for growth”: A recent grad’s greatest fear maybe being unemployed after graduation, but a close second is being stuck in a dead-end job. Before you say yes to any position, Hackerson suggests looking at the growth of the company because “Growth=Career path.” Look at the company’s numbers, ask specific questions about growth, and find out what they are doing specifically to continue growth.

If you would like to read Hackerson’s full piece, you can check it out at this link:


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