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If you are planning for a career in accounting or finance, and you have never heard of Robert Half, you might want to do a quick Google search. For decades, companies have been turning to Robert Half’s Salary Guide to make sure they are offering the most competitive salaries for the best talent. The Salary Guide also offers the latest information of what employers are looking for in the next generation of job candidates.

According to the latest Salary Guide, there is a shortage of applicants with the skills employers are looking for. And those with the skills are not on the market for long. Companies are seeking workers who not only understand business intelligence, but who can also translate it into a viable strategy. Specifically, companies are looking for financial analysts and business systems analysts to add to the company’s efficiency.

How can you prepare yourself for a competitive hiring atmosphere? Salary Guide writes that companies want individuals with advanced Excel skills as well as knowledge of QuickBooks. Employers are also looking for candidates with expertise in data analytics, advanced modeling techniques, the use of SQL, and business intelligence software like IBM Cognos and MicroStrategy. Furthermore, having an understanding of policies and laws that affect the market place is also important. And, if you’re interested in a company that has any sort of involvement overseas, give yourself an advantage by studying the global economy.

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