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MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 9

Fair Goers:  Keep going on résumés!  We have 76 uploaded to the fair website….St. Thomas has 55 – so lets stay ahead of them!  Go Click on Student menu.  Click on Post Résumé in the left hand box.  Follow directions to upload résumé. If you uploaded your résumé to the fair site and now […]

Career Advice Letter

By E. W. One of the best places to get information on a career or career advice in a certain field is from people who are actually doing that job. However, unless you know somebody in that field, or know somebody who knows somebody, obtaining first-hand information can be difficult. A simple way to approach […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 8

Fair Goers Boom Lab has scheduled campus interviews for March 6.  They want to meet candidates at the fair and schedule candidates for campus there.  So….be sure to send them pre-select letter saying you will stop by their table and would like an interview on campus on March 6. Same is true for Target Finance […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 7

Fair Goers: If you have your resume posted on GustieJobs, you have been emailed the Fair Registration booklet.  Look at your emails for that attachment.  The booklet has LOTS of info and details about preparing for fair and logistics of the event.  If you have not yet gotten the booklet it means you are still […]


By E.W. For those majoring in math, you were never the student in high school algebra asking, “When will I ever use this?” You liked what you were doing and were maybe even thinking about how you might use your skills in math when you graduated from college. But while you know you like math, […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 6

Fair Goers: 1 I got a question about pre-selects: Would sending pre-selects mean sending a cover letter/resume via email to the contact person for the companies we are interested in? Answer: YES!  This is exactly what I mean!  Although, it would be wise to look at the employer info.  Some are saying they will collect resumes at the […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 5

Fair Goers: Thank you all for getting resumes uploaded!  Of the 109 of you registered 68 have resumes approved on GustieJobs and 32 of those are uploaded to the Fair site at  And, I know that others of you are working on edits.  This is great!  (We are pulling ahead on resumes posted on the […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 4

Fair Goers: We are hearing that some of you are not sure how to post your resume on the fair website.  If you go to you will see a box on the left side with a Post Resume Online option.  Click on that and follow the directions to upload your resume.  Thanks to all of you […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 3

Fair Goers: Thank you to the 101 of you who have registered to attend MN Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair on Feb. 19 at the Minneapolis Convention Center (  These fair preparation messages will be posted on the Career Development blog So….if you forget anything you and always review it there. Thank you to […]