MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 9

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Fair Goers:
  1.  Keep going on résumés!  We have 76 uploaded to the fair website….St. Thomas has 55 – so lets stay ahead of them!  Go Click on Student menu.  Click on Post Résumé in the left hand box.  Follow directions to upload résumé.
  2. If you uploaded your résumé to the fair site and now want to change it….I am told that you can delete the one you uploaded and upload a new one.  So….see if that works!  I don’t have a résumé uploaded so I am not sure how it works.  Let me know if you need/want help with that.
  3. READ the employer list at!  The number one mistake people make is NOT reading the list soon enough!  It has tons of info!
  4. If the employer info says: “This organization will not hire candidates who are not currently authorized to work in the U. S. beyond one year of practical training” it means they are not talking with international candidates.
  5. Employers are starting to schedule campus interviews for spring: Boom Lab on March 6 and Target Stores on March 13 – both will be at the Job/Intern Fair.  Stop at their table at fair.  Talk to them.  Ask for an interview either at fair or on campus.
  6. Please email to say if you plan to attend the Fair Prep Party on Wed. Feb. 12 at 6:00 in Alumni Hall.  We need to know how many interviewers we need to schedule!  Note that some students in the past got internship and job interviews because of contacts they made at the Prep Party.
  7. I have 37 candidates with no résumé yet approved on GustieJobs….I know many of you are working on those.  Thank you!
  8. I hope some of you are using InterviewStream to get ready for interviews!  Gusties are usually more surprised by the number of interviews they get rather than not getting them!
  9. NOW is a good time to be emailing letters and résumés to ask for pre-select interviews at fair – OR if they are taking pre-selects tell them you will stop at their table at fair.
  10. Friday, Jan. 31 is the LAST day to register for fair.  If you have friends who are still thinking about it but not registered – encourage them to do so!  If they are away from campus – tell them to email us!

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