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By E.W.

For those majoring in math, you were never the student in high school algebra asking, “When will I ever use this?” You liked what you were doing and were maybe even thinking about how you might use your skills in math when you graduated from college. But while you know you like math, and understand its usefulness, you might not be sure what you want to do with it. Here’s an idea: actuary.

While I myself have little interest in numbers and equations, a quick look at www.bean almost makes me wish I did. The well-laid out sight gives fantastic information for anything you might want to know about being an actuary. Whether you want to know what an actuary does, how much they make, where they work, or what exams are necessary, this website gives you all the information you might need.
One interesting note for those now considering a career in actuarial science: While Gustavus Adolphus College does not offer an actuarial science major like some larger universities, enrolling in numerous business, math, and computer science classes (all of which are available at Gustavus) are just as beneficial. Furthermore, because being a well-rounded individual is crucial to being a successful actuary, also writes that it is important to study other subjects such as those in the humanities. The liberal arts requirements at Gustavus might in fact give you a leg up on the competition. 


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