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Benefits To Look For

2/27/13, By E.W.  When finding a job is a challenge in and of itself, finding one with good benefits is not always a high priority. However, keeping in mind some information about benefits can make your overall work-life quality a lot better. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) took a look at some […]

Fair Update – Feb. 25

Fair Candidates: Thank you for being great candidates at the Fair!  I am hearing that some of you got interviews and are following up with employers.  It is a great idea to send thank you notes to those with whom you interviewed.  It is also great to send a thank you note or email to those you talked […]

Job Hunting Handbook – Networking

2/22/13, By E. W.              The biggest piece of advice that all jobseekers are getting today is to constantly be expanding and updating your personal network. However, while this advice is good and no doubt noted by Gusties, networking, and doing it well, can be harder than many make it out […]

Fair Update – Feb. 19

Fair is tomorrow! Plan to be at the Convention Center by 8 a.m. The Convention Center is a public place; do NOT give your resume to people in the Convention Center if it is not clear that they are an employer with the fair. You can say, I will stop by your booth to drop […]

Fair Update – Feb. 18 – BioMedical Science Panels

Clinical/Healthcare Panel @ 10:30: Presenters 1) Damon Smith – Prime Therapeutics 2) Dan Schmidt – RCRI 3) Kerry Sampica – Prairie Care 4) Mary Jacob – HCMC 5) Jim Platten – Fairview Scientific/R&D @ 11:30: Presenters 1) John Peichel – GE Water 2) Mike Thiede – Cargill 3) Wes Borchardt – Amerilab Technologies 4) Reid […]

FaceWash App

2/18/13,  By E.W.             If you are getting ready for a move in your career, you probably have some sort of checklist to make sure everything is ready. Prepare a resume, write up a cover letter, practice interviewing, have the suit cleaned, etc. And while that list is a good start, […]

Fair Update – Feb. 18

I got this message today, which tells me some of you have interviews scheduled at Fair! A quick glance at my spreadsheet show we have at least seven Gusties scheduled for interviews at The Fair: from Nic Romero | Training and Recruiting Specialist | Mutual of Omaha | | 952-888-2772 ext 240 Watch Our […]

Job Search Weekly Article – Response

2/15/13, By Cynthia Favre Katie Volney in her “The Job Search Quandry” article is correct…..your career cannot stand only on your education from a “good” school. Your good education is one leg supporting your career. The other legs are: engagement (you need to care more about your career than anyone else), exposure (manage your online […]

Fair Update – Feb. 14

Thank you to all you attended info sessions and the Fair Prep Party yesterday! Thank you to all candidates who demonstrated great critical thinking skills in assessing the advice/suggestions from alums…especially about methods to relax! (I suggest deep breathing, laughing, short walks outside!) Tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 15 at 1:00 in Wallenberg in Nobel Hall there […]

Writing Careers 5 – Technical Writing

By E. W.  2-14-13             If you see writing as part of your future, but would also like to keep a hand in technology, medicine, or environmental protocols, perhaps you should look into the field of technical writing. According to the Society for Technical Communication, technical writing is defined as have […]