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2/18/13,  By E.W. 
           If you are getting ready for a move in your career, you probably have some sort of checklist to make sure everything is ready. Prepare a resume, write up a cover letter, practice interviewing, have the suit cleaned, etc. And while that list is a good start, is there anything on the list reminding you to clean up your social media sites? With the never-ending wave of social media, employers are using sites like Facebook to their advantage to screen applicants. And considering all the work you have no doubt put into preparing yourself for your dream job, do you really want an inappropriate picture or post holding you back?
             Didn’t think so. Nevertheless, going through years of pictures and posts is a daunting task and could take time that might be better spent elsewhere. Luckily for current jobseekers, there is a new app called FaceWash that will go through your Facebook profile for you and lets you know if there is anything inappropriate that should be removed or hidden.
            FaceWash is free to users, and there is no sign-up or login hassle. All you have to do is agree to let the app go through your profile. It is fairly quick; it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes depending on how many pictures and posts it has to go through. You can also have it search for certain words in tags and posts that you would rather a possible employer not see. After trying it myself, I found that the program ran smoothly and was as quick as the site boasted. However, just to be on the safe side, I would advise that you go through yourself at some point and start removing pictures and posts that might be deemed inappropriate. Just remember this as you go through your Facebook page: If you wouldn’t want your mom to see, it probably should be deleted. 


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