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By E.W. As the world continues to become more connected, the need for people and organizations to understand and benefit from the increased interconnectivity grows. Yet entering a system that is so large and complicated is daunting. Fortunately, St. Paul based Midwest Global Trade Association (MGTA) has spent the last 90 years helping their members […]

Life Science Alley

By E.W. If you’re headed into a biomedical career or considering it as a potential career path, you might want to familiarize yourself with LifeScience Alley. This company, based right here in Minnesota, is “the largest state-based life sciences trade association.” For nearly 30 years, LifeScience Alley has been working with those in the medical […]

Career Advice Letter

By E. W. One of the best places to get information on a career or career advice in a certain field is from people who are actually doing that job. However, unless you know somebody in that field, or know somebody who knows somebody, obtaining first-hand information can be difficult. A simple way to approach […]


By E.W. For those majoring in math, you were never the student in high school algebra asking, “When will I ever use this?” You liked what you were doing and were maybe even thinking about how you might use your skills in math when you graduated from college. But while you know you like math, […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 4

Fair Goers: We are hearing that some of you are not sure how to post your resume on the fair website.  If you go tohttp://mnpcfair.org/students/student_information.aspx you will see a box on the left side with a Post Resume Online option.  Click on that and follow the directions to upload your resume.  Thanks to all of you […]

Careers Possible – Expected Organizations

Careers Possible is on Tuesday, September 24 from 10:30 – 2:30 in the Banquet Rooms on-campus.  All students are encouraged to attend.  Business casual dress and résumés are recommended.  Please email career@gustavus.edu for more information. EMPLOYERSAbdo, Eick, & Meyers, LLP   + Accounting Auditing Internship January 2014   + 2014 Experience AEM (2 day summer program in […]

Job Shadow and Informational Interviews

3/5/13, By E. W. Job shadowing and informational interviews can be very helpful when figuring out your career path. To do either, however, you must first understand the difference. Job shadowing is when you basically act as a shadow: you follow someone around as he or she goes about a regular day. You simply observe […]

What to Make Sure is on Your Résumé

By E. W., 11/14/12 Building a résumé is a long, complicated process. Before sending it to any potential employers, you need to make sure it is neat, easy to read, and states your best qualities. Your résumé should also exemplify the attributes employers want to see. But what are those qualities? According to survey of […]

Phone Interviews

By E. W., 11/6/12 A one-on-one interview can be a terrifying experience. But if you are anything like me, a phone interview is much worse. But fear not; here are eight simple tips that will help to ease your anxiety before your next phone interview: 1.     Keep your answers short. That’s not to say you […]

Careers Possible

By E.W., 10/12/12             With many Gusties working to juggle school, extra-curricular activities, a social life, and sleep, it is understandable why many skip the on-campus career events; adding one more thing with throw them completely off-balance. And anyways, the CSL will always have another one, right? Although that may […]