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By E.W., 10/12/12
            With many Gusties working to juggle school, extra-curricular activities, a social life, and sleep, it is understandable why many skip the on-campus career events; adding one more thing with throw them completely off-balance. And anyways, the CSL will always have another one, right? Although that may be true, consider what you might have gained from going to the Careers Possible event held in late September. At the very minimum, you would have gotten information from people who have real world knowledge and experience. This information, whether or not it pertains to your specific career path, is invaluable. Furthermore, by just starting a conversation, you and the specific representative would have exchanged names and a hand-shake. This simple exchange soon becomes a stepping stone for you; should you wish to get in contact for more information about the career or decide to seek an internship, you now have link within the company. Already just by showing up, you have begun to network for yourself as well as show potential employers your initiative and interest by taking time out of your schedule to attend.
            For those truly interested in making an impression at these events, however, you will have to do more than just attend.  First, if you are seriously looking to obtain an internship from one of the companies, bring a polished résumé (see the Peer Career Advisors or a CSL staff member for tips and advice).  Target Executive Team Leader and Gustavus Alum Rachel Schmalz also stresses the importance of being confident when talking to an employer.  In part, this means you should speak to a representative one-on-one rather than being surrounded by a group of your friends.  Also, don’t be afraid to do a little boasting; this is your chance to prove to an employer that you would be a great addition.  Other representatives from the Careers Possible event likewise emphasize the importance of of doing research; by knowing something about the company of interest, you show that person that you can take initiative, are self-motivated, and serious about working for him or her.  
If you have any questions about upcoming CSL events, check out their calendar on the Career Developments page on the Gustavus website or stop by the CSL office.


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