What to Make Sure is on Your Résumé

Posted on November 14th, 2012 by

By E. W., 11/14/12
Building a résumé is a long, complicated process. Before sending it to any potential employers, you need to make sure it is neat, easy to read, and states your best qualities. Your résumé should also exemplify the attributes employers want to see. But what are those qualities? According to survey of employers conducted by NACE, there are ten main attributes a candidate should be sure to show through their resume:
1.     Leadership
2.     Problem-solving skills
3.     Written communication skills
4.     Ability to work in a team
5.     Analytical/quantitative skills
6.     Strong work ethic
7.     Verbal communication skills
8.     Initiative
9.     Computer skills
10.  Technical skills
Considering an employer will only take several seconds to look at your resume, you have to be quick and clear to show you have these qualities. List activities, volunteering, and jobs that show your leadership skills. Let your employer know you held positions that improved your ability to work in a team or gave you better communication skills. If you feel you might need to beef up your resume, or need help with anything career related, make an appointment in the CSL or stop by the CSL office between 5:00 to 8:00 and meet with a Peer Career Advisor for help.


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