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by E.W., Sept 28, 2012

Think LinkedIn meets Gustavus.
This is more or less GustieJobs; the Center for Servant Leadership’s newest job-searching aid offered on the Career Development page of the Gustavus website. The site is much like LinkedIn, but is specifically made with Gusties in mind. As a Gustavus student, you are already signed up to use the site; however, your profile must be updated and completed before you can start connecting with potential employers. The site includes job and internship listings with options that help to narrow your search; you can also sort through the lists searching by the date posted, level of experience needed, and when the internship will take place.
Once you set up your profile, you can upload your résumés, cover letters, and other documents for potential employers to see. By putting these documents on the GustieJobs website, you can also have CSL advisors check them over to ensure they are presentable. Another helpful tool on the site is the events calendar that allows you to connect directly to the CSL calendar. You can add any of the events to your own personalized calendar to help you stay organized. For those Gusties who already have a LinkedIn profile and worry about maintaining two job profiles, there is no need to worry: you can connect the two together so you only have to maintain one.

Overall, the site is relatively easy to navigate and offers a wide range of benefits to Gustavus students. Employers who have jobs posted on GustieJobs are looking specifically for Gustavus students, so this offers the perfect way to make a connection. The set-up is quick and relatively self-explanatory; simply type in “career development” on the Gustavus website and click the icon that says “GustieJobs” in the top, right corner. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the CSL for help.


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