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Can’t Find A Summer Job?

Gustavus Career Development’s Top 10 Ideas of What to Do If You Cannot Find a Summer Job: Employers and graduate/professional schools will wonder what you did with your summers.  Have something to put on your résumé and something to talk about in interviews.  More importantly, get information and experiences to help you move forward with […]

Pathways to Careers

On March 27th, the Minnesota Private Colleges Career Consortium held its ninth annual Pathways to Careers event. Held every year, the event cycles through three different topics: Communications, Arts, and Bioscience. This year focused on Communication careers. Using only alumni from Minnesota private colleges, the professionals made up four different panels: Advertising/Marketing, Broadcast Journalism, Public […]

Teaching English Abroad

One of the hardest parts about finding a job is separating yourself from other applicants. However, taking a position teaching English abroad is almost guaranteed to make you stand out from the pack. Although most consider teaching only for teachers, Madison Killen explains that there are 5 very good reasons for everyone to consider teaching […]

Jobs on the Go

 In hopes of changing the way people look for jobs, Simply Hired, a free service that helps connect employers to job-seekers, has released an assortment of tools that will allow its users to look for jobs on mobile devices. Basing their innovations on a recent study published by U.S. News, Simply Hired’s new app Jobs […]

“8 Job Search Tips from the Co-Founder of LinkedIn”

Seniors Google the article “8 Job Search Tips From the Co-Founder of Linkedin”. It has great job search info. A comment on that article says: “People (employers) like people who are busy, confident, rich with experiences and a positive viewpoint on life – you can’t communicate that from the bench.” “Job search is about connecting what […]

Using LinkedIn to Find a Job!

Seniors: Did you know that 86% of employers use to find candidates for their open positions? It is a great tool for job searching! is like a Facebook – for your professional life. Creating a profile is free. Once you do that – be sure to go to “Groups” and search for Gustavus Alumni – request to […]