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If you do have an interest in the marketing field, another career to check out is Direct response copywriting. Before you decide whether or not this job path is for you, it is important to have an understanding of the different forms of copywriting. Scott Schneweis of Savvysherpa breaks copywriting down into two categories: advertising copywriting and marketing copywriting. Ad copywriting is the written material for commercials, banners, posters, etc. and is usually done at ad agencies. In marketing copywriting, writers influence consumers using words, pictures, or videos on websites and social media and through direct mail and emails.

Direct response copywriting falls under the marketing category. As a direct response copywriter, you have a very specific goal: create a webpage, social media post, or piece of mail that will elicit an immediate response from consumers. In fact, the immediacy of direct response copywriting is what separates it from indirect response copywriting, which allows for delayed action because marketing is meant to linger in the consumer’s mind.

When it comes to this career, there is clearly a lot going on. First, you need to know your product. What are you trying to sell and why is it important? Next, you have to know your customers. Who are they and why do they need your product? One you’ve answered these questions, it is time to put those hard-earned writing and persuading skills to work. You goal is to create content that will not only reach potential buyers but will also entice them to purchase your product. James Mulvey, who works in digital direct response copywriting, notes on the importance of understanding human psychology, being creative, and having the writing skills necessary to build a connection between yourself and the audience.


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