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Direct Response Marketing

If you do have an interest in the marketing field, another career to check out is Direct response copywriting. Before you decide whether or not this job path is for you, it is important to have an understanding of the different forms of copywriting. Scott Schneweis of Savvysherpa breaks copywriting down into two categories: advertising […]

Search Engine Marketing

With our continued dependence on the internet, companies have had to recreate their marketing strategies to stay competitive in the digital age. This need to out-do competitors in cyber space has led to the creation of an entirely new field: search engine marketing. While careers dealing with technology and computers are often considered outside the […]


No doubt you’ve heard of free-lance writing. Instead of being tied down to one specific newspaper or magazine, you write a multitude of articles for different publications. While you still have to bow to the whims of the publisher, you usually have more freedom in deciding what you want to write. As it turns out, […]


Just like actors have their stunt doubles to do acrobatic flips and jumps, so to do politicians and celebrities have ghostwriters to write their speeches and memoirs. Essentially, ghostwriters do the heavy lifting when it comes to writing and editing but get little to no credit. They might work on speeches, autobiographies, or magazines articles. […]

Types of Business Writing

I’m a senior English major who has recently begun the uphill battle of finding a job in the real world. If you are anything like me, you have likely been told for the last four years that there are tons of jobs out there for people with writing skills. What those jobs are and where […]


We can’t all be the next Stephen King or J. K. Rowling, but maybe you have a novel saved on your computer and you’re starting to think that it just might be ready to hit the shelves. But then comes the daunting question you’ve been putting off during the entire writing process: how are you […]

Reasons for the Writing Careers Blog

By E.W. There are some people on the Gustavus campus who have their lives planned out. They know what they want to major in before even stepping into their first class, they have laid down a path for the next four years, and they even have their dream job all picked out. And then there […]

Nine Sites for Freelancing

By E.W. The best way to get better at writing is to be constantly practicing. Whether you are writing a piece of fiction, an academic essay, or a blog, stretching and strengthening your creative muscles are crucial. And while you may believe writing is a reward in and of itself, some might consider having what […]

Writing Careers Blog – Firethorne

By E.W. 4/18/13 According to their statement on the Gustavus website, the Firethorne is a “student-run literary magazine comprised solely of student work.” And while the magazine presents a fantastic outlet for Gusties to share their creative work, for Gustavus students interested in writing and publishing, the Firethorne offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity. First and foremost, […]

Writing Careers 5 – Technical Writing

By E. W.  2-14-13             If you see writing as part of your future, but would also like to keep a hand in technology, medicine, or environmental protocols, perhaps you should look into the field of technical writing. According to the Society for Technical Communication, technical writing is defined as have […]