3 Tips for Utilizing Social Media

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By E.W.,  5/16/13

Most people have an understanding of what social media is and how to use it. Few, however, know how to utilize social media in their job search. Social media consultant and career counselor Kevin Grubb has three tips that will help you take advantage of what social media has to offer.
  1. Be strategic with social media. Grubb recommends thinking of social media as you would real life events. This means finding different groups on social media sites that pertain to your career interests and joining them. The only way you are going to meet new people (and other people are going to meet you) is if you put yourself out there. Also, Grubb says that as you decide which groups to join and follow, make sure to remember who your target audience is. You do not need to be a part of every group.
  2. It’s okay to be a fly on the wall, at least for a while. Learning the ropes of social media can be hard, but it is not without teachers. When you join a new group, just sit back and follow more seasoned members for a while. Take the time to learn the lingo of your network. Study the conversation trends of potential employers. Don’t worry about trying to show off; it does you no good to jump in before you’reready.
  3. Once you have been a fly on the wall for a while, enter the conversation. At some point you are going to have to join the conversation. Grubb writes that for you to show your value as an employee, “you have to add value to the conversation.” Respond (positively) to something someone else said. Retweet something you thought was interesting, and eventually add your own thoughts to the tweet. Ask an important question to the group or pose a topic for discussion. Grubb writes that you don’t need to be an expert; just making sure to contribute and being a part of the conversation shows an employer a lot.

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