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Best Places to Work

By E. W., 5/24/13 If you are thinking about a career as a civil servant, there is a website that you might want to check out. Devoted to providing accurate and useful information, the Partnership for Public Service created the website Best Places to Work that offers rankings of “employee satisfaction and commitment across 362 […]

5 Mistakes College Kids Make

By E.W., 5/21/13 In an interview in Forbes Magazine, Dan Schawbel, founder of Millennial Branding, a consulting firm with clients such as American Express and NBCUniversal, states that there are five things that college kids are (and are not) doing that are holding them back from landing a job out of college. Students are not […]

Why do we have a blog?

By E.W., 5/20/13 The Career Development blog is for any Gustavus student who is unsure about the world after college. Looking for a job, creating a résumé and cover letter, and preparing for an interview are stressful and time consuming tasks, and they aren’t even all of what goes into finding the perfect job. This […]

Prescreening Interviews Tips

By E.W., 5/17/13 According to ISEEK’s blog, the prescreening interview is becoming an increasingly common tool for employers to shorten their list of potential employers. For those of you have yet to experience a prescreening interview, and for those who need a little help, here is some advice that ISEEK gives. First, to make sure […]

3 Tips for Utilizing Social Media

By E.W.,  5/16/13 Most people have an understanding of what social media is and how to use it. Few, however, know how to utilize social media in their job search. Social media consultant and career counselor Kevin Grubb has three tips that will help you take advantage of what social media has to offer. Be […]

7 Traits Business Leaders Look for in Top Talent

By E.W., 5/8/13 When writing up your resume and cover letter and preparing for an interview, you want to make sure it conveys who you really are as an individual. Yet, as you fine tune everything, Onewire Blog gives you a few more things to consider. The blog conducted numerous interviews of prominent executive leaders […]

Job Choices Online

By E.W., 5/8/13 There is another great online resource out there for job hunters. Created by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the Job Choices Online website is a fantastic resource for finding and preparing for jobs. The site operates much like an online magazine; it has sections on key aspects of landing […]