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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  Enjoy Your Spring Break! Come visit when you get back 🙂

Tips for Science Majors

By E.W.,  3/26/13 For all of you who are science majors, there are some helpful hints just for you that will help you in obtaining job after college. According to some of the most well-known science companies in the nation including PACE Analytical Services, Kelly Scientific Resources, and Aerotek, the form in which resumes and […]

How to Handle a Salary Request

By E. W.,  3/21/13 At some point during your working life, a potential employer might ask to see your salary history. This is obviously used by the employer to screen candidates who might demand too much money. However, this request puts you in a very awkward position: you don’t want to get paid for less […]

The Only 2 Things You Need to Know About Networking

By E.W. ,  3/19/13 I have written several blogs about networking and given hints about how to start, how to do it better, and with whom you should connect. However, according to Isa Adney, networking is all about two things: making friends and working hard. Adney states that in the real working world, people are […]

Top Ten for FY and SO

3/15/13, By E. W.  Sophomore and first years, listen up; this blog is for you. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) there are 10 things that you should be doing right now to help you land your dream job after graduation. 1.     Maintain good grades-You kept good grades all the way […]

Job Shadow and Informational Interviews

3/5/13, By E. W. Job shadowing and informational interviews can be very helpful when figuring out your career path. To do either, however, you must first understand the difference. Job shadowing is when you basically act as a shadow: you follow someone around as he or she goes about a regular day. You simply observe […]

Why Every New Grad and Job-seeker Should Volunteer

By E.W.  3/4/13 With loans up to your eyeballs after graduation, the thought of taking a job without pay is inconceivable. But that’s what volunteering is, and according to the Minnesota Private College Career Consortium, there are six very good reasons why every new grad and jobseeker should be volunteering. 1. It puts experience on […]