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3/15/13, By E. W. 
Sophomore and first years, listen up; this blog is for you. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) there are 10 things that you should be doing right now to help you land your dream job after graduation.
1.     Maintain good grades-You kept good grades all the way through high school to make it into a good college, and now that you achieved that goal, you might think that you deserve at least a little break, right. Unfortunately, your future employer disagrees. Just like in high school, it is extremely important to maintain good grades. Both employers and grad schools look at transcripts to judge if their candidates are knowledgeable and hard working.
2.     Identify your interests, skills, and values-The first few years of college can be struggle as you try to figure out where you belong and what you want to do with your life. However, once you have identified your key traits, figuring out what you want to do will be that much easier. (If you need help, stop by the Center for Servant Leadership to make an appointment to take a personality assessment.)
3.     Explore career options-It is fine if you haven’t pinpointed what you want to do with your life just yet, but that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and hope that someday you have an epiphany. Take an active role in figuring out your career path. Job shadow, obtain internships, complete informational interviews. Do something that will give you good information so you can take your next step.
4.     Get involved outside of the classroom-This really shouldn’t be that big of a problem for Gusties. In fact, I will go the other way and say that you should make sure that you are not spreading yourself too thin. Pick two or three activities that you really enjoy and take leadership roles. Anyone can be a member, but employers are truly impressed by those who step up and lead.
5.     Do community service-As a Gustie, we are fortunate enough to be a part of a great community, so why not give back? Pick up a rake or a paint brush, donate some time and effort and show employers what it means to have community service as one of the five pillars of Gustavus.
6.     Develop your computer skills-With our generation, where everyone can type, log on to email, and surf the internet without a problem, saying you have “basic computer skills” really doesn’t mean all that much to employers. However, if you can say you’ve taken workshops or classes, an employer will be impressed with your skills and your ambition.
7.     Improve your writing skills-Coming out of a liberal arts college, employers are going to expect that you have had some practice at writing; don’t disappoint them! Take a few extra writing classes, visit the Writing Center, and see a professor about how you can improve.
8.     Complete an internship-While your internship doesn’t necessarily have to be in the career you hope to have, try to pick one that has similar traits. For example, it doesn’t make sense to take an internship in an accounting office when your dream job is to be a biology teacher. Also, make the most of any internship; don’t just be there, actively engage in everything that is going on.
9.     Learn about different cultures through foreign language classes and study abroad opportunities-Never before has our nation been so diverse, and showing employers you are comfortable with diverse work environments will be a boost for your career. Take and master a language. Go study abroad somewhere. Find some way for you to experience and appreciate a culture other than your own.
10.  Take advantage of the career center-Yes, there is actually a place on campus where it is their primary goal to help you land your dream job. The Center for Servant Leadership will help you figure out your interests, look over your resume and cover letters, help you find an internship, and more. Stop in any time to make an appointment!


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