How to Face the Gender Pay Gap

Posted on January 22nd, 2013 by

By E. W.  1-22-13

     While a lot can be said concerning the efforts to shrink the gender pay gap, it is still common knowledge that the most women will face this problem throughout their career. In fact, according to Jessica Bennett of the New York Times, for every dollar the average man earns, for the same job a white women will earn 77 cents, a black woman will earn 69 cents, and a Latina woman will earn 57 cents. For a campus that is 56 percent female, what does this mean for Gustie women who will soon be heading out into the working world and facing this gender pay gap?

     In her article “How to Attack the Gender Wage Gap? Speak Up,” Bennett writes that the way women have to go about asking for a pay increase is in fact quite unfair but unfortunately is part of the workplace game. When asking for a pay raise, women, who are generally seen as less aggressive as men, must maintain the stereotype. This means that keeping a smile on your face and having an upbeat attitude will probably get you further than full out negotiating.

     Bennett also writes that there are three T’s that must be remembered: tone, tactics, and tips. Make sure that your tone is positive, but not overly persuasive. When negotiating, it is a good tactic to not be the first to name a figure; let your boss say what he or she thinks is best and then go from there. If you are pressed for a number, set a range instead of a specific amount. As for tips, be confident in yourself, anticipate objections, but don’t take them personally, and remember to smile.

     If you are interested in reading Bennett’s full article, it can be found online at the New York Times website.


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