Job Report Numbers

Posted on November 2nd, 2012 by

By E. W., 11/2/12
Regardless of what the political candidates say, it does appear that unemployment numbers in Minnesota continue to fall. According to an ISeek survey, there was a 26 percent increase of job openings from this time last year. For those who are still struggling to find work, though, this begs the question: where are the jobs? ISeek reports that the largest increase in jobs was within the health care field with a seventeen percent increase in job openings. Other areas with double digit increases include accommodation and food services, retail trade, and education services.
This rise in job openings should likewise give confidence to current college seniors. A recently published NACE study found that employers nationwide are expected to hire 13 percent more graduates this year than they did from the class of 2012. Unfortunately, though, not all majors are equally sought after. Those with majors relating to business or technology have a large upper hand over their classmates. Finance, computer and information science, and accounting are projected to be the top three degrees most in demand by employers. Yet all is not lost for those who are not tech or finance savvy. Overall, NACE reports that unemployment for all college graduates has fallen two percent from last September. 


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