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Phone Interviews

By E. W., 11/6/12 A one-on-one interview can be a terrifying experience. But if you are anything like me, a phone interview is much worse. But fear not; here are eight simple tips that will help to ease your anxiety before your next phone interview: 1.     Keep your answers short. That’s not to say you […]

Careers Possible

By E.W., 10/12/12             With many Gusties working to juggle school, extra-curricular activities, a social life, and sleep, it is understandable why many skip the on-campus career events; adding one more thing with throw them completely off-balance. And anyways, the CSL will always have another one, right? Although that may […]

Peer Career Advisors

By E. W., 10-2-12 To help kick-off the new school year, the Center for Servant Leadership unveiled a new program meant to help students as they prepare for a life after college. The Peer Career Advisors, a group of students trained to aid in career development, not only provide more convenient evening hours for Gusties, […]

Google Interview Questions

With books and classes devoted to it, interviewing has become a sort of science. Although the actual interview may still be nerve-racking, job candidates are able prepare themselves by studying the most common interview questions. While planning ahead is beneficial to the interviewee, this preparedness poses problems to the employer. Rather than being able to […]