Jan. 18, 2017 Fair Update

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We continue to add Gusties to the fair list!  We are up to 161.  Do tell your friends there is still time to register!

 Now is when you should be sending pre-select letters to ask for interviews at the fair.  Here is a question I got and the answer.

Q:  I have this one question for you. How should I send pre-selected letters? Do I just need to look into companies that I’m interested in and send them emails with my attached resume and ask for an interview at the fair?

A: Yes! That is exactly right!

There is a sample letter in the fair booklet that you can use as the body of your email. Send as many letters as there are employers of interest to you! And, be sure to upload your resume to the fair website at mnpcfair.org – employers attending the fair will look there for resumes of candidates attending. Cynthia

Also, I have attached the fair booklet and also attached is my go at sorting the employer list by Career Interest Cluster.  I thought that might help you with reviewing the employer list because it is long.  Start that review by crossing out those that you are not interested in.  Then circle those that you are interested in.  Those left over you will need to go in and read what they are about so you can decide if you are interested or not.  

Also – we have only 38 resumes on the fair website!  There are about 100 of you with approved resumes on Handshake – so put it on the fair site!  That is where employers attending the fair will look to find resumes!  Plus we are only 2 ahead of St. Thomas and Macalester is now in the game trying to catch us!  Post your resume today!

And, past fair emails are on the blog at http://https://careerdevelopment.blog.gustavus.edu/.

Cynthia Favre, Director of Gustavus Career Developmen


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