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Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 1:30 – If you missed an info session on the Fair in the fall, come on Tuesday at 1:30. I will go over the basics of the fair: what to expect, how to prepare, and logistics.

Questions I have been asked with answers!

“I have gone through the list of employers and had five companies that I really like. However, it said on the fair website that these companies will not do interviews at the fairs. Should I still email them and ask for pre-select interviews? Please let me know. Thank you so much!”

You should write an email and attach your resume to it saying:

“I see that you are not planning to interview at the MN Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair. I am very interested in your opportunities and will plan to stop by your booth at the fair. Please let me know if there is anything I should be doing before the fair to be considered for your opportunities. “

Then at the fair go to their booth and say “I send you an email with my resume. I am very interested in your opportunities. What is the best way for me to be considered for opportunities?”


“I am attending the MN Career Fair on February 22nd and I know I are supposed to upload my resume to the mnpcfair.com website as soon as possible but I am also doing the Gwil Boot Camp and I thought that would be an awesome thing to have on my resume. So my question is do I wait to upload it so the boot camp is on there or should I just upload my current resume?”

You are right! This should be on your resume. But, don’t letting timing stop you from uploading your resume to the fair site. Sooner is better! You can put the Bootcamp on your resume with the future date. Upload that resume to the fair site. After the bootcamp you can revise your resume and bring that to the fair.

We are even with St. Thomas on resumes posted – lets pull ahead! Employers are starting to look at resumes on the fair site!


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