Feb. 12 Post for First and Second Year Fair Goers

Posted on February 12th, 2016 by

First Year and Sophomore Fair Goers:

  1. It is awesome for you to attend the fair!
  2. Your goals are probably different from the juniors and seniors – that’s as it should be!
  3. It is great to learn how a fair of this type and size works.
  4. It is a great place to gather information about employers and internships and jobs that are of interest to you.
  5. It is also great to learn about the hiring processes of employers you are interested in. When should you apply for their summer internship? Next fall? How should you apply?  What would make you a good candidate? (Hint: These are questions you should write down and ask employers you talk to.)
  6. There will be a photo booth to get a photo to use on LinkedIn – this is free! Do it!
  7. There will be roundtables – attend if they are in your career interest area.
  8. Do be prepared to interview – it could happen!
  9. Do come with a list of employers you plan to talk with.
  10. Do come in most professional dress with 20 copies of your resume on resume paper.
  11. It is great if you have questions to attend a group session next week.



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