Fair Update Feb. 7, 2016

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Feb. 7


Fair Goers:

Just 10 days until fair!


  1. It is great that there are 200 of your registered for fair!
  2. I am concerned that you all realize that this is NOT an event that you just show up at and hope for the best. You want to present yourself in the best possible way, BUT you will also be representing Gustavus as a whole!
  3. Employers (and I) expect Gusties to have:
    1. Great resumes
    2. Be dressed professionally
    3. Be able to introduce themselves
    4. Be able to interview successfully
    5. Have researched employers
  4. I really hope that you are reading the info in these messages, you are looking at the fair site and the videos there. You must each individually take responsibility to be as prepared as possible for fair.
  5. I am really concerned if I have not yet seen your resume. Students often think their resumes are ready and they are not. For example, putting a skills section on your resume with things like: hardworking, fast learner, people person…..is NOT effective.  The reason is that all college grads say that…so it does not separate you – plus those are not really skills.  And, I often catch typos or spelling errors – so PLEASE upload resumes to Handshake!
  6. I do have sessions scheduled this week. They are all listed on Handshake.  Please come to those times – but do NOT worry about the topic for sessions – I will answer whatever you need whenever you come.  (Plus I have door prizes!)
  7. There is still time to send letters and resumes to ask for pre-select interviews – but time is running out!
  8. I hear the wind and hope you are all back in St. Peter and do not have to drive in weather!



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