Jan. 23, 2016 Fair Update

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Jan. 23

Fair Goers:

  1. We have 146 registered for fair and ONLY 59 resumes on the fair site for employers to see!
  2. PLEASE get your resumes posted on the fair site at mnpcfair.org – St. Thomas has 50 and we should be ahead of them! WE WANT EMPLOYERS TO SEE MORE GUSTAVUS RESUMES THAN THEY SEE FROM ANY OTHER SCHOOL! (Being only 9 more it will all seem about the same – lets get to a 100 resumes!)
  3. If your resume is not approved on Handshake – PLEASE submit it! When it is submitted I will see it and if there is need for adjustments we have time to do that.
  4. I am not doing scheduled individual appointments between now and Fair. I do have walk in appointments.  This week the times are:
    1. Tuesday, Jan. 26 – 10:00 – 12:00
    2. Wednesday, Jan. 27 – 2:00 – 4:00
    3. Friday, Jan. 29 – 10:00 – 11:00
    4. Friday, Jan. 29 – 2:30 – 4:00
  5. You should be sending letters and resumes now to request interviews at Fair. The booklet and the Plan on Handshake both have samples of what to say in the letter.  Send early and often!  And, if you send and do not get response or they do not give you an interview – you can STILL talk to them at their booth at the fair.
  6. I sent you the info for The Career Platform – you can create an account with your Gustavus email username and password. On that in eLearning there are videos on: writing a career summary, interviewing, networking and more!  These videos can help you prepare an introduction to meet employers at fair (this is often called an elevator speech).
  7. Only 6 of you are registered for the Fair Prep Party on Feb. 10. I hope more of you want to attend!  That is where you can practice your introduction (elevator speech) and do mock interviews.
  8. Also, InterviewStream on the Career Development webpage is a resource to prepare for interviews. The thing is….this is an INTERVIEWING FAIR!  There is LOTS of interviewing happen at this event – so be ready!
  9. If you have questions let me know – I will answer to the whole group.
  10. I know it seems far away but to make Fair successful you do need to put in time now. The best thing to do is schedule time to work on it!

More soon!  Cynthia


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