Jan. 20 Fair Update

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Jan. 20

Fair Goers:

  1. Fair is less than 4 weeks away!
  2. Now is the time to make sure you have MOST professional clothes to wear at the fair. This means suits and ties for men and suits or professional dresses for women.  You have spent a lot of time and money on your education- don’t go cheap on your appearance!  The fast way to be considered a new professional vs. a college kid is to look professional!
  3. Now is the time to think about how you are getting to the fair. Again, it is a great idea to think in terms of staying in the Twin Cities the night before.  If you need assistance in figuring out how to get to the fair – let me know and we can assist.
  4. Prepare to interview at the fair! There is info on Planning on Handshake, there is a booklet on the Career Development webpage, there is hard copy of the booklet in Career Development and InterviewStream (on Career Development webpage – use Gustavus email username and password to create and account) are great resources to prepare.
  5. Interviewing: think in terms of what are the 3 – 5 things that make you a good candidate for positions. This is what you want to talk about in interviews.
  6. Many employers ask behavioral based interview questions. That means they will ask you to give specific examples from your past experiences.  The best way to prepare for these is to think about your Peak Experiences – times you feel good or proud of what you have done or accomplished.  These are often the times you are showing your best skills and qualities.
  7. Now is a great time to ask mentors, family and friends for advice and suggestions in meeting and talking to employers.

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