Career Readiness – What One Employer Says

Posted on January 18th, 2016 by

What career readiness do employers expect of new college grads? I asked my site supervisor Tim Schwartz and this was his response.

He expects college grads to have a high level of reading ability.  Tim stated that he expects grads to be able to read a complex and high level
reading very quickly, sort through the mess, pick out what is important, and be able to utilize this information.  Tim also expects new college
grads to be able to have a good set of math skills that allow them to calculate numbers quickly, comprehend the numbers in the given situation,
and be able to do a fair amount of mental math.  He expects that we have excellent time management skills.  This is a skill he feels we have and can
utilize.  However, he believes that we need to be better at prioritizing our tasks.  This is an area for him that needs to be addressed.  The final
thing he expects of new college grads so if them to be willing to learn and put in a lot of work.  Many jobs will require a lot of new learning curves
and are very front heavy in terms of work load and information that needs to be learned.  He doesn't expect a new college grad to know everything,
however he does expect them to put in the work to get to that point.

In regards to his response about not expecting a new college grad to know everything.  Brown and Brown Insurance typically puts new producers,
usually young college grads, through a two year training program to get new employees up to speed.

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