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No doubt you’ve heard of free-lance writing. Instead of being tied down to one specific newspaper or magazine, you write a multitude of articles for different publications. While you still have to bow to the whims of the publisher, you usually have more freedom in deciding what you want to write. As it turns out, though, free lancers don’t always work alone. In fact, there are entire companies devoted to helping other businesses do better by creating and revamping their marketing materials, writing product content, and formatting websites for all devices.

Aptara is one such company. According to its website, the employees of Aptara, “Design, capture, convert, and enrich it. We repurpose it, manage it, and make it discoverable.” In other words, when a company or organization’s product or content needs an extra boost in the market place, it might reach out to Aptara. The writers and designers for Aptara take an organization’s existing content and transform it into material that is not only more appealing but also more readily accessible to potential partners or consumers. Past customers of Aptara include Time Inc, Cambridge University Press, Amazon.com, and even the Vatican.

To learn more about this company and its work, check out its website, http://www.aptaracorp.com/. If this sort of career interests you, be sure to look for more businesses like Aptara online. There are also numerous sites that help businesses and free lancers connect, so if you are interested in freelancing, as a full time job or just to make some extra cash, definitely check those sites out.


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