MNPC JAIF 2015 – Message 21

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Fair Goers:

  1. 2 days to fair!
  2. The way you get your resume on the Job and Internship Fair website is….go to  Go to Student Menu.  In box on left click on the Post Resume Online and follow directions.
    • Having your résumé on GustieJobs does NOT put it on the fair page.
  3. St. Thomas when ahead of us on resumes posted….if 50 more of you posted we could be ahead again!  We have 156 they have 183.
  4. Download the Fair App!  It IS VERY helpful!  Search for MNPC Fair +.  You need the + I think to find it.  Everyone I say this to is amazed by how helpful it is!
  5. Fair Basics:
    • Faculty: we will be sending faculty a list of students registered for fair, but you should make arrangements to be away from campus.
    • Get There: you should have arrangements made to get to the Minneapolis Convention Center between and 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning.  If you need assistance with this – let me know suddenly!
    • Most Professional Dress: you should all be in most professional dress – that is suits and comfortable shoes.
    • Résumés: make 10 – 50 copies of your résumé on good paper – available in BookMark
    • Gustavus Table: when you arrive at the fair find the Gustavus registration table
    • Name Tag: your name tag is admission to the event, wear it at all times, bring it back on Thursday if you return to the fair
  6. Accounting Finance Panel at Fair at 1:00 on Wednesday.  The panelists are:

Joe Housman, Director of Tax, Hays Companies

Joshua Aslesen, Senior Audit Analyst, UnitedHealth Group

Jared Benson, Corporate Audit Services, US Bank

Kristen Knoll, Assistant Controller, Medtronic

Randy Lund, Senior Controller, CBRE

Eric Burggraff, Global Account Director, Stephen James & Associates

  1. Tomorrow I will do info sessions at 3:00 on How to Talk to Employers and 3:30 Reviewing the Employer List in the Board Room.



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