MNPC JAIF 2015 – Message 20 Posted on February 13th, 2015 by

Fair Goers:

  1. We are 5 days from fair!
  2. Wow!  We are at 150 for resumes posted at!  That is the site where employers will see resumes!  We are STILL ahead of St. Thomas by 6!
  3. I will do session next Monday at 10 in the CSL on what to say to employers and/or review the employer list – whatever the people who show up need.
  4. Next Tuesday I will do a session at 3 on How to Talk to Employers and a Review of the Employer list at 3:30 – both in the Board Room.
  5. What to say to employers:
    • I am (name), I am at (Sr./Jr./Soph.) at Gustavus with a (…..) major.  I am not sure of all the job titles and opportunities you have, but the skills I can bring include: customer service, technology applications, writing/editing, (whatever you have).  I am interested in what positions you have for candidates.
    • Thank you for being at this fair!  It is great for employers to be here on one day in one place.  Are you seeing candidates that are a fit for your organization?  (After they talk you can say the above.)
    • You will need to read the conversation a bit….some want to just talk like the second bullet point, but others are just trying to talk to as many as possible so prefer the first bullet point.
  6. Attached are the slides from the Prep Party presentation.
  7. Do download the fair app: MNPC Fair +      REALLY it is more helpful that you think!
  8. Do talk to your faculty about being away from campus next Wednesday.
  9. Do make copies of your resume on RESUME paper – available in the BookMark.  Make 10 – 30 copies – depending on how many employers are of interest to you.
  10. Do get your most professional clothes in order for next Wednesday – comfortable shoes!
  11. If you are sending pre-selects……get that done TODAY!  Monday is getting late for that!
  12. I am out of the office the rest of today at a meeting.  So I will answer questions next Monday!



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