MNPC JAIF 2015 – Message 19

Posted on February 12th, 2015 by

Fair Goers:

  1. 6 days to fair!
  2. Great Prep Party last night!  Thanks to all who attended.
  3. Download the fair app – MNPC Fair + – it has all the employers with descriptions, map of booth area, place to take notes (you could note the name of the person you talked to) and more – check it out – way better than you think it is!
  4. We are still ahead!  We have 145 resumes posted at mnpcfair.organd St. Thomas has 135!  Keep it going!  Lets stay ahead as long as we can!
  5. I am hearing that people are getting interviews scheduled at fair – this is great!
  6. I am doing a review of the employer list today at 3:00 and repeated at 3:30 in the Board Room – I do have door prizes!
  7. And, I am adding a review of the employer list next Monday at 10:00 in the CSL.
  8. If you are sending pre-selects get that done this week!  Next week is really getting late for that.
  9. I am out of the office tomorrow- so I will not respond to email quickly.
  10. More soon!



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