MNPC JAIF 2015 – Message 17

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Fair Goers:

  1. 7 days to fair!
  2. 34 of you still need resumes approved on GustieJobs….please upload as soon as possible!
  3. We have 139 resumes posted on the fair website (  St. Thomas has 119 – if all 213 of you would post your resumes on that site – we can stay ahead!  And, employers will see LOTS of Gusties when they review fair resumes!
  4. Today at 4:00 in CSL – a Gustavus alum in HR at Epic (who is a fair employer) will make a presentation about their career opportunities.
  5. Tonight 6:00 – 8:00 is the Fair Prep Party in Alumni Hall.
  6. See Q & A below.
  7. Remember that these Fair messages are posted on the Career Development blog – so you can see past messages.
  8. Tomorrow at 3:00 and repeated at 3:30 I will review the fair employer list in the Board Room.  I will go fast over who the employers are at the fair.
  9. I am off campus on Friday.

10.I am sorry that I don’t have individual appointment times available.  Other career counselors can assist you.  Call or come to CSL to make appointments.  Also, Peer Career Advisors can assist.  Their hours are Mon, Tues, Wed 5 -8, no appointment is needed.


Q: Do we need to be sending cover letters with our resumes or is the resume good enough?

A: If you are talking about the pre-select requests – yes you need to send a letter or email that says what fair you will be at, what type of position.  In the Fair booklet I attached yesterday there is a letter telling you exactly what to say.

You do not need letters at Fair Prep Party or the Fair itself as you are there in person to say what you would say in a letter.  Cynthia


Q: I hope it’s not too late to let you know I wish to attend the Fair Prep Party tomorrow night. Is there anything I need to bring with me or a specific attire you wish for us students to wear?

A: It would be good if you came tonight.

Bring your resume with you.  Dress in what you plan to wear to fair or if you do not have that, business casual dress.


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