MNPC JAIF 2015 – Message 14 Posted on February 4th, 2015 by

Q: Do you think emailing them personally is good enough for having an opportunity for an interview, or should we also apply for the internships on their website?

A: It would be great to apply on their websites!  So if they say “you need to go on line and apply” you can sat – great, I have already done that, what is the next step?

Also, I had lunch with HR managers today.  Their advice for fair candidates:

  • Make sure your resume and email address are good!  (They get resumes with bad contact info and cannot reach people!)
  • Make sure your voice message is professional.
  • Make sure you can pass drug tests!  They tell me they are getting college grad candidates who are not passing the drug tests! Just know – LOTS of employers do drug testing at ALL levels in the organization.

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