Fashion Friday: Tips for Women attending Interviews or Job Fairs

Posted on September 19th, 2014 by

With so many opportunities to meet with Employers coming up – it is always good to have a little refresher on appropriate dress!  First impressions are made within the first 10 seconds of meeting someone – and they tend to stick!  How will you look when you walk through the door of an event or for an interview and make a lasting impression?

Here are some tips for dressing your best:

  • Add a touch of personality – the key to this is to not over-do, but personalizing it with an accessory that creates interest and helps them remember you in a positive way
  • Look the part – your appearance affects the hiring decision and the organization needs to be able to visualize you in the role
  • Show you’re serious – appear confident and professional
  • Pay attention to detail – make sure your appearance is clean and neat, and your shoes are not scuffed, have an organized purse and/or briefcase or portfolio, so that papers taken can be neatly placed in a folder
  • Neutral make-up and nail polish


What to avoid:

  • No short skirts
  • Heavy make-up
  • Overly high heels and sandals
  • No cleavage
  • No strong scents – including perfume
  • Do not wear too much jewelry or overly large or chunky accessories
  • No jeans





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