MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 19

Posted on February 12th, 2014 by

Fair Goers:
4:00, Linner Lounge, info session about corporate training program at United Natural Foods
5:00, St. Peter Room, info session by Target Financial and Retail Services
6:00, Alumni Hall, Fair Prep Party
You have one chance to make a first impression!  Make it one of new professional, not college kid.
HURRY!  St. Thomas is only one behind us on resume posted on the fair website!  With 216 of you going to fair and only 135 of you with resumes posteā€¦..we could stay ahead if you took 3 minutes and uploaded your resume to the fair site!  Plus a student told me yesterday that an employer called him about an interview because they found his resume on the fair site!

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