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Dress for Success

Gusties: When you are interviewing with employers for career jobs and/or internships and graduate and professional schools (YES! Even internships!) most professional dress is expected!  Here is the thing… have one chance to make a first impression.  You want that impression to be that of a new, energetic professional – NOT a college kid (even […]

Nine Sites for Freelancing

By E.W. The best way to get better at writing is to be constantly practicing. Whether you are writing a piece of fiction, an academic essay, or a blog, stretching and strengthening your creative muscles are crucial. And while you may believe writing is a reward in and of itself, some might consider having what […]

Major Mentor

By E.W. Not knowing where life will take you after college can be downright scary. Even deciding which courses to take next semester can be extremely stressful if you still haven’t chosen your major, or you don’t have a plan for life after Gustavus. With the hopes of alleviating some of that anxiety, senior Economics […]

Post Fair Update

Thanks for being great candidates at the fair!  Alums recruiting at the fair came to our table to tell me how great you all were!Below is info on thank you  notes.  A great idea to get those sent as soon as possible.  I usually say within 2 working days, but with fair I give you […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 23

Fair Goers: In the past students have said that the fair is not as difficult or scary as they expected it to be.  And, they are positively surprised by the response from employers and the number of interviews they get.  (I say this to give you reason to overcome your fears and show up at […]

H-1B Visa

By E.W. Finding a job is a difficult process for everybody. For international students wishing to work in the United States, however, there is the added pressure of finding an employer who will sponsor his or her international employees for H-1B visa to will enable them to stay longer in the country. is aiming […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 22

Fair Goers: Fair is Wednesday this week at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Most professional dress is expected. Bring 25 copies of your resume on resume paper (available at BookMark). Do have a list of 20 employers you want to meet with. Do attend the panel sessions at 10:00, 11:30, 1:00 – if they are appropriate […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 21

Fair Goers: 2:30 today in Center for Servant Leadership – I will be going over the Fair Employer List. After today I am pretty much done being able to help you with resumes… get them to me if you need help!  Talking to Employers: It is always good to thank employers for being at the […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 20

Fair Goers: Thank you the 52 of you who were at the Prep Party!  And the 16 at the Target info session! This a.m. we were still ahead of St. Thomas on resumes posted, sadly this afternoon they went to 150 resumes and we are at 143…..but we have never stayed ahead this long before! […]

MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 19

Fair Goers: Today 4:00, Linner Lounge, info session about corporate training program at United Natural Foods 5:00, St. Peter Room, info session by Target Financial and Retail Services 6:00, Alumni Hall, Fair Prep Party You have one chance to make a first impression!  Make it one of new professional, not college kid. HURRY!  St. Thomas […]