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Fair Goers:
  1. We now have more candidates registered to attend fair than we have EVER had!  We are close to 200!  Which works out well as there are 200 employers now registered!
  2. We are over 100 resumes posted on the fair site!  Terrific!  Thank you!  The great thing is that employers are starting to look at resumes and they see lots of Gusties.  In the past employers have said to me “Is there anyone here besides Gustavus and St. Thomas?” That is because you post your resumes!  St. Thomas has 75 posted and St. Olaf has 14.
  3. We have a number of new readers to the Fair Update.  So….go to (or Blog on Career Development webpage) to see the previous Fair Updates – with LOTS of info on getting ready for fair.  If you do that – I don’t have to repeat info from previous messages.
  4. It would be great for you all to also use Career Development social media.  See video at to learn about that.
  5. Remember – there are panels at the fair on Wednesday, February 19, Minneapolis Convention Center, Room:  L100A/B. 
Biomedical Science Panels, sponsored by Aerotek Scientific
10:00 a.m. Panel Clinical Research / Healthcare and
11:30 a.m. Panel R & D / Laboratory Science
Each panel will be comprised of 5-8 scientists from local biomedical/medical device, pharmaceutical science or biotech organizations.  Panelists will present information on their organization, what they do, their career path, etc…to students interested in the industry.  Organizations represented at previous job fair panels include: 3M, Aerotek Scientific, Beckman Coulter, Boston Scientific, Ecolab, General Mills, Guidant, Medtox, and Medtronic
This panel session is for numbers people who are not interested in CPA accounting. The following organizations will be represented: 3M, Cargill, General Mills, CBRE, ECOLAB, Prime Therapeutics and United Health Group.
  1. The Fund for Public Interest will be at fair.  They sent this description:
We are a national non-profit group that runs campaigns for some of the top progressive groups in the country, like USPIRG, Environment America and the Human Rights Campaign. We run grassroots advocacy campaigns for these groups on a variety of issues, and we’ve been doing this since 1982.
I’m the Director in Minneapolis, and right now the team I’m managing is working on behalf of Environment Minnesota to protect the Boundary Waters. We’re building support to pressure the EPA to protect the Boundary Waters from open pit copper and nickel mining.  This is pretty typical of the kind of issues we work on.
We’ll be interviewing graduating seniors to run citizen outreach offices like I’m running here. The job is for a year or more and it includes team-building and staff management, fundraising, administrative work, and other types of political organizing. It’s pretty cool because we give people a lot of responsibility fairly quickly, so this is best for students who want to do something in the non-profit world, work hard, get a lot of experience and make a big impact right away.
  • To do list for Touring Week: read Fair Registration Booklet, get most professional clothes in order (including shoes!), finish sending letters and resumes requesting pre-select interviews, put employers you want to see at fair in priority order, create an introduction for when you meet employers, make arrangements for transportation to and from fair.  And, if you have time – prepare for interviews!  Hope you were not planning on anything else next week!
  • Reminder – there are now 200 of you and still only one of me!  So… I will NOT be able to see all of you one-by-one after Feb. 9.  That is why the Fair Prep Party is scheduled for Feb. 12 – so that you can prepare in a group.  Please email to say if you plan to attend the Prep Party.  Also, email questions to me and I will answer in the Fair Updates.
  • I have not heard if anyone has gotten pre-select interviews scheduled.  If you have, please let me know! 
  • On the Career Development webpage on Top Resources you will now find a link to Glassdoor….it is a site with company info and reviews and salary info.  Might help you get ready for fair!

More Soon!  Cynthia

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