MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 11

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Fair Goers:
  1. There are now 174 of you registered!  Welcome to those who have recently registered!
  2. Of the 174 of you….53 have yet to have resumes approved on GustieJobs.  Please get resumes uploaded so I can see them!  I know it is a challenge to get done, but you WILL need a resume at fair AND it is MUCH better if the resume you show employers is one that has been approved!
  3. And, it looks like 27 of you have never logged on to GustieJobs.  Go to to see a short video on using GustieJobs. If you need/want more help, please come to the Center for Servant Leadership.
  4. Gusties have 92 resumes posted on the fair site at – the MOST of any school!  But, it would be great to have all 174 on the site! Employers DO look at those resumes!  (Besides St. Thomas will be kicking in here soon….I like to stay ahead of them as long as possible.)
  5. Please like GustavusCareerCenter on Facebook and respond to my questions about pre-selects!
  6. Thank you to the 28 of you who have said you plan to attend the Prep Party on Feb. 12.  If you are planning to attend, please email to say you are attending.  This is so that we have enough interviewers.
  7. Now is a great time to use InterviewStream to prepare for interviews at Fair.  And/or to prepare for Mock Interviews on Feb. 12 in Alumni Hall.
  8. I think some employers registered for fair over the weekend.  The list now has 198 employers (last week it was 191).  So….check out the employers!
  9. This is what an alum said about fair:
    • Everytime I talk to college students from the MIAC, I tell them “make sure you go to the Private College Job Fair in the spring, and make an impression”. In the course of my 3 years attending that fair I snagged an internship at Cargill, another internship at Securian Financial Group, and a full time position at UnitedHealth Group upon graduation. I’m confident that it’s the best opportunities for Gusties to get in front of potential employers.
  10. Please remember there are more of you than me!  I will NOT be able to see you all individually when you get back to campus in Feb.  So….it is great to email questions that I can answer for you and perhaps others.
  11. As always….go to (or click on Blog on Career Development webpage) to get the past fair postings.  This is especially true for those who have registered recently.
  12. Reminder that the Fair Registration Booklet – with LOTS of fair prep info – will be sent to you when you have your resume approved on GustieJobs.
More Soon!  Cynthia

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