MNPC JAIF 2014 – Message 10

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Fair Goers:
  1. 152 of you are now registered for fair!  Remember if you are new (or need reminders) previous email messages are post on Career Development blog at
  2. I am hearing that people are sending letters and resumes requesting pre-select interviews – that is great!  You can email those to the recruiter email listed for each employer on the fair webpage (
  3. There are 191 employers registered for fair.  It WILL take you time to work through the list and find employers doing what you are looking to do! 
  4. As many of you do not know, here are some jobs that you will see:
    1. Underwriting: this is analyzing risk for insurance or financing, great combination of using analytical, communications and interpersonal skills
    2. Claims: working with customers collecting on insurance, legal aspects /compliance
    3. Logistics/Supply Chain: making sure that all products are available at the right time and place to produce what is needed; or transportation of products
    4. Business Development: this is sales
    5. Attached are some of my short notes on the fair employers – I do NOT know them all!  So do look at them too. Especially those you do not recognize the name of!  They will have fewer candidates and may have great opportunities.  If you find a good employer on the list, let me know so I can share with others.  You may also want to partner with others going to the fair and divide up the list to do the research.
    6. It would be great if you would like GustavusCareerCenter on Facebook and let all of us know how many pre-select letters you are sending and if you get pre-select interviews scheduled!
    7. Why go to the Prep Party?
      1. To practice introducing yourself and your resume
      2. To practice interviewing with alumni
      3. To get job/internship search advice
      4. To wear your job/intern fair clothes so you are comfortable in them!
      5. Do email to say if you plan to come to the Prep Party!


  1. Job Fair Employers 2014.docx

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