Senior Messages #10

Posted on October 10th, 2013 by

  1. Target and Cigna say of their campus interviews at Gustavus:  a.       As a group very good candidates;     b.      Candidates here are involved in lots of campus activities, when answering behavior based questions use examples from those rather than personal situations (issues will family, friends, roommates);   c.       Candidates here did a good job of using examples from more than one experience.
  2. Target says: if you applied online in September and did not get an interview or if you interviewed on campus and did not get moved to the second interview – TRY AGAIN in February at MN Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair.  Getting a “no” now does not mean you will get a “no” in Feb.   Their hiring needs change.
  3. Huron Consulting does business consulting in health care.  They will be on campus next Wed., Oct. 16 at 12:30 in Linner Lounge with a free lunch and info session. Come learn about this great opportunity – ONLY if you are interested in business and travel and gaining amazing skills. (Note: Last year I had 0 seniors attend this!) They are based in Chicago but the consulting is nationwide.  You do not have to apply – but you might want to when you learn about this!
  4. News America Marketing has résumés are due on GustieJobs next week.  Take a look at this job!  If you make it to the second round they fly you to New York for interviews – how cool is that?  So far we have one applicant! 
  5. To keep up on all Career Development news and info – follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  If you forget what I send in these messages – they are on the Career Development blog.
  6. October is a busy month for campus recruiting……thanks for being great candidates!

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