Seniors – Cynthia’s Messages #6

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Next Tuesday, September 24 is Careers Possible from 10:30 – 2:30 in the Heritage Room.  Find the list of 28 organizations attending at  
This is a great event to get started with answering “what to do after graduation?”  Business casual or professional dress expected, update résumés preferred.
Also – at 10:45 during Careers Possible, alum Anders Eckman, recruiter at Ameriprise Financial, will do a 30 minute session on using www.linkedin.comin your job search.  If you don’t have a account – you need one!  If you have one, you need to use it to find a job and manage your career!  Plan to see this session at 10:45.  Employers say if you do not have a Linkedin account – you are not a serious candidate.
Throughout the rest of Careers Possible recruiters will be doing 10 Minute Tip sessions.  As I confirm the schedule for that I will let you know the presentations.
In Discovering What You Really Want to Do and Doing It by Susan W. Miller, it says: “….avoid the “Job Charming” fantasy.  Your perfect job will not come riding into your life on a white horse so you can live happily ever after.  The process is more like going out into the wilderness and roping in a wild horse.”
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