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Class of 2014 – Cynthia’s Messages #3

Class of 2014:Bring your suit to campus! Campus interviews are being scheduled now and Careers Possible is Sept. 24.There is a website at which says to Job Seekers to use the site to:Explore your options and be presented with jobs and internships you could be a fit for by entering your school, major and graduation date. […]

Senior Job Searching Tips – Class of 2014

Class of 2014: Take 3 minutes to watch this very cool job search strategy!  This will really give you some good ideas about how to conduct your own job search! Remember that you are getting these messages because I believe you are in the Class of 2014.  If you want to continue to get these messages after […]

Class of 2014 – Senior Messages

Class of 2014: Welcome back – one more time! Gustavus Career Development is eager to assist you with your post- graduation plans.  Over the month of September I will send messages of this type to all in the Class of 2014.  After that, you will only get the messages if you have gone on to GustieJobs at and […]