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Hello from Target!

Hello GAC Students! The Bullseye is getting bigger and in the next few years, many stores will be remodeled as we strive to be the best company ever. Members of our Leadership Team motivate and inspire store team members to consistently deliver their best. Plus, they are responsible for making sure Target guests get a […]

How to Face the Gender Pay Gap

By E. W.  1-22-13      While a lot can be said concerning the efforts to shrink the gender pay gap, it is still common knowledge that the most women will face this problem throughout their career. In fact, according to Jessica Bennett of the New York Times, for every dollar the average man earns, […]

Martin Luther King Jr.

To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day some of his most memorable quotes: The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his […]

Fair Update – Jan 21

1. Please note that there are seems to be an issue with GustieJobs.  Some of you are uploading your resume and it is not coming through to me.  We are working on a fix, but just note that if you are not getting a resume on your uploaded resume, it may not have come through […]

Fair Update – Jan 18

Thank you to all who are working on getting resumes approved!  We have 60 posted on – 9 more than St. Thomas!  Great! To avoid having to repeat info on these messages – I am putting copies of these on the Fair Blog, if you are newly registered or forget what I said earlier – you […]

Writing Careers 1

By E.W.  1-17-13 Let me run you through a common conversation with people I meet who find out I’m a college student: Person: What’s your major? Me: English. Person: Do you want to work at a newspaper? Me: Not really. Person: Oh, do you want to go into teaching? Me: No. Person: So…what do you […]

Fair Update – Jan 16

Fair Goers:  Rooms at the Hilton Minneapolis with the Fair Rate are booked – NO ROOMS AVAILABLE Cynthia

Fair Update – 1/14/13

Jan. 14Fair Goers:1. Thank you to all who registered!  We went from 97 to 132 registered for fair.2. All attending fair need to post their resume on two websites: on GustieJobs (so I can approve it) and on Posting on GustieJobs means that you will get the Fair registration booklet emailed to you.  (There are […]

Fair Update – January 11, 2013

Fair Update – Jan. 11Fair Goers:For those who need to upload their resume, see directions below.  Once you resume is approved on GustieJobs – you will get the fair registration booklet with all the details about preparing to attend the fair.As always – if you have questions – let me know.  You need to go […]