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By E. W. 1-31-13
If proposal writing didn’t seem up your alley, then perhaps advertising copywriter will be more what you’re looking for. An advertising copywriter writes out what is going to be said or written in advertisements. This may include jingles, catchphrases, or slogans. Overall, their main goal is to communicate what their clients wish to say to a broad audience in a way that is concise and creative. After all, you may only have a second or two to broadcast a message.
Working as an advertising copywriter often allows you to start a project and see it through the end. Often an ad copywriter will be a part of the initial meetings with the clients. From there, he or she will begin working with the team to come up with the perfect advertisement. This involves doing research into the clients’ companies and products as well as working with different production companies. It also might call for casting actors for television and radio commercials. Throughout the whole process, it is the responsibility of the advertising copywriter to revise and edit as necessary.
Currently in the field is Gustie alum ’87 Tom Ostrom. Starting out with the Gustavian Weekly, Ostrom was in charge of advertising sales. He now has his own company creating advertisement and has worked with lighting experts Major Industires, St. Cloud Window, Inc., and General Mills.
The nice part of being an advertising copywriter is that it does not involve any extra schooling. However, if you are interested in this career, it would be wise to make the most of your time at Gustavus to prepare. Take a few art and English classes (if you haven’t already). Understanding the human mind might also help; what makes some things so appealing and others distasteful? Think about what clubs Gustavus has that might allow for you to start building a portfolio. Like Ostrom, the Gustavian Weekly might offer a solid start. Landing an internship is also crucial because it help to add more samples to show off to potential employers.
Keep in mind that advertising copywriters work in a variety of places. Some work with advertising companies, and others freelance. This causes the average salary to range from about $45,000 to $60,000. Of course, your first job might be considerably different depending on where you work and who your clients are.
Advertising copywriters are a vital part of any company hoping to expand. This means that they are looking for bright, hard-working, and creative individuals who know how to connect with an audience. If this career sounds like something that might interest you, start considering whether or not your passions align with what is desired in an advertising copywriter. Then hit the internet to start your search for internships and begin to build a portfolio to show off your skills. 


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