Fair Update – Jan. 31

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1.      Taylor Corporation (Mankato) will be at the Fair for the first time.  They are not interviewing, but looking for resumes for both career and internship candidates. Their interests are: Design/Media, Information Technology, Management, Project Management, Purchasing/Procurement, Research, Supply Chain/Operations.  I encourage you to send a resume letting them know you will stop by their booth – if you are interested in them.
2.      There are now over 162 registered for fair.  PLEASE – you must take initiative to prepare for fair!  For fair to be of value – you MUST look at the employer list, research what they do and what their positions are, send them your resume expressing your interest (either asking for a pre-select interview or that you will stop at their booth.)  If you have questions email me – but really you NEED to look at the Fair blog athttps://careerdevelopment.blog.gustavus.edu/search/label/MNPC%20Job%20and%20Internship%20Fair to catch up on info.  I have been sending daily messages for a month and I am not able to back track all the info in messages now.
3.      With so many of your registered I am concerned that you are registered and than at the last minute say “oh – I won’t be ready or the employers don’t interest me” or whatever.  Please know that there is work on our end to prepare for 162 of you to be a fair.  So after Friday, Feb. 8 THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ON YOUR FAIR REGISTRATION.
4.      Note: Some employers have said that if candidates for internships and jobs do not have profiles on www.linkedin.com – they do not consider them serious candidates.  So….I suggest that as you prepare for fair you create that profile if you have not yet done so.  And, when you do….be sure to go to the groups (upper right side of screen) and search for Gustavus Alumni.  Request to join that group.  You will be able to search the members of that group for alums doing work at places of interest to you and you have the opportunity to connect with them.
5.      While we are at it….please “like” Career Development on Facebook, follow on Twitter and Pinterest. 
6.      Please let me know if you plan to attend the fair prep party on Feb. 13.
7.      In an effort to be available to you….I have scheduled the following times for walk-in questions about the fair: Friday, Feb. 1 – 1:30 – 3:30; Monday, Feb. 11 10 – 12; Tuesday, Feb. 12 11-12 and 1:30 -3:00; Thursday, Feb. 14 10:30 – 12:00.  I will not take appointments – you can just come at those times and I will do my best to see people and respond to questions.
8.      Next week get your clothes together – suits are expected.  Get your transportation arranged.  Get your pre-select letters and resumes sent.  (Send pre-select letters and resumes prior to Feb. 15.)
9.      Use InterviewStream on Career Development webpage to prepare for interviews. 
10.  More soon!  Cynthia

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