Fair Update – Jan. 24

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Fair Goers:

Question: Do I re-contact employers after sending a pre-select letter.

Answer: Great question. No, do not send another message about the fair. Employers may not schedule until the week before the fair….so just wait for the response. If you do not hear from them, you can always go to their booth and say “I send you a letter and resume requesting an interview because I am very interested in your positions. What is your selection process? May I schedule an interview with you here at the fair?”

Other items:

Do NOT put Pre-Select Letter at the top of your letters to Fair employers.

If you apply on employer webpages – say that in the pre-select letter. It may move you forward on the interview list if that step is done.

To correctly spell résumé you need accent marks on both “e”s . To do that….Press CTL key and then apostrophe key (by the enter key) and press any vowel – it will show with the accent mark.

What other questions do you have?

Remember the Fair Blog has info from past messages. Cynthia


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